Established in Cazzago San Martino in 2000 by the family Savoldi to operate in the processing of whey and derivatives, Saves is a solid and forward-looking company, combining perfectly craft tradition with innovative techniques.

Depth studies, research and experiments have allowed the company’s technical experts to develop best practices to enhance the whey through the recovery of its main constituents, in particular: lactose and whey protein.

The techniques used for the recovery of whey’s noble constituents are based on processes of reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and concentration by MVR evaporator. The implementation of equipment and processes has encouraged the developement of the products range, which includes WPC and whey in different concentrations, in addition to permeate concentrate.

Substantial and well targeted investments in human capital have determined over the years the exponential enrichment of knowledge and the growth of Saves’ team, which now includes highly competent profiles, with broad experience in production techniques, quality control and supply chain management.

The mission of the group is to offer, on national and international dairy markets, innovative high quality products, with excellent chemical, physical and organoleptic characteristics, to meet the needs of all customers.