The whey concentrate 60% is obtained through a process of concentration for the evaportation of whey concentrate.

The installation, built by GEA in the Cazzago San Martino Business Unit, is a falling film COMBIVAPORATOR with a double MVR. It has an evaporation capacity of 10t/h.

It is perfectly isolated to limit the dispersion of heat energy and to reduce noise pollution to a minimum (maximum value 60dB).

The integration of the Mechanical Vapour Recompression has created a technological plant, which performs very well by reducing energy consumption to a minimum.

In order to obtain a whey concentration at 62% DM from 18% DM, only 17.2 kW/T are required for the evaporated water.

The plant is equipped with 4 Goavec Crystallisers, each one with a capacity of 15 m3.